When choosing a lube for sex, you should most definitely avoid parabens. But within this article we are going to limit our research to women mainly. Glycerin is mainly produced as a byproduct of biodiesel industry. Naturally from vegetables and animal fats, as a biodiesel byproduct, and also by synthesis. It is water-based meaning it’s safe to use with condoms and sex toys, which you might have ready for use back at home. I only have sex once a week, urinate afterwards and am very clean. And also ingredients you might use on your vagina – anything from showering products, moisturizers, lubes, etc. • Douches and shampoos – Vice-versa to the above point, being too clean isn’t good – especially not if you’re applying chemicals to your vagina. And here at joepastry.com [9] yet another fascinating answer can be found: Biofuel glycerine isn’t the type we typically eat, since in its raw state it contains a fair amount of water plus a few residual whatsits. But your vaginal flora might not actually be to … Water-based lubes are compatible with basically all materials! But what about now, you probably do not want to completely stop using a lube. Question from Reddit: “Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections?” [1], is the question we are going to try to answer today, within this article. This causes the glycerin to split away from the fatty acids and mix together with water, forming an odorless, sweet-tasting, syrup-like liquid. Study #1: Study focuses on the importance of personal lubricant composition, and possible correlation with common vaginal infections [15]. Above you can see the study from 2015, titled: Treating vulvovaginal atrophy/genitourinary syndrome of menopause: how important is vaginal lubricant and moisturizer composition?, by the authors Edwards D & Panay N. The study focuses on the problem of vaginal dryness, particularly during and after the menopause. Posted by thomas | Jan 24, 2020 | Health | 0 |. Isabel Fay – Water-Based Lube That Won’t Cause Yeast Infection. Be sure to use a product intended for vaginal use. – it was quite a ride, and we hope you have received information you were searching for. And 44 percent of women who reported using intravaginal oils tested positive for Candida, the fungus that causes yeast infections, compared to 5 percent of women who did not use oils. The word over the forums is, that this might just be the best option if you are going for silicone-based personal lubricant. Flavors are also an element which may cause your lube to become sticky. But basically, elements that are possible to contribute as a cause for yeast infection are: Symptoms of suffering from yeast infection can vary, but are most commonly expressed as: Yeast infection is a serious problem and once you catch it, it is hard to get rid of it. To give you the answer right from the start – We have established that personal lubricants (lubes) containing glycerin do tend to cause yeast infections. If you block these signals, you aren’t doing any favor to yourself. and how to pick a lube accordingly to avoid this problem. “This is the only lube I have ever tried that doesn’t burn or hurt,” admits one buyer. You should focus on finding the root cause. Living unhealthy, eating bad food (mostly too much sugar), smoking, drinking, not doing any sports at all. Glycerin is an ingredient used mainly in water based lubes, to make them last longer. Below you’ll be able to find: Type #1 “BIODIESEL GLYCERIN”: Glycerin produced as a byproduct of biodiesel manufacturing. Any suggestions? Based on the data from ewg.org Polyquaternium-15 is classified as expected to be toxic or harmful to organ system toxicity. An example of a completely natural lubricant with aloe vera is Sustain Lubricant. Byproduct of an oil industry, made from severely refined crude oil. 3 types of Glycerin – How do you know which one is in your lube? You might just find some of the listed ingredients there also. The problem with parabens is, that they mimic hormone estrogen. – Follow These Tips, Is Profhilo in Singapore Worth It? We are here to always bring new views on sexual topics, beauty and relationship matters. Below you can see the mentioned glycerin data-table. You might want to make your own coconut oil from home. Synthetic ingredients aren’t always worse compared to natural, but in 99% of cases natural ingredients are a safer option. You will feel nothing down there and probably wake up in pain, with some sort of vaginal infection. : Vegetable oil won't cause yeast infections. What my logic does tell me is that synthetic chemicals, compounds & lubricants work extremely well in the realm of the electromechanical sciences. Our job as an authority source on sexual wellness and lubricants, is to provide people with knowledge and answers that solve their problems. A: The issue here really is to pinpoint what might be causing a reaction because it could be one of three things. Finding the perfect lube for sex can indeed be challenging, especially for people who are not into chemistry. Regarding the different types of Candidiasis… According to the clinical study performed by Department of Gynecology and Dermatology, Hungary, Budapest, the most common types of vaginal yeast infections are [5]: Pubchem’s [6] definition of Glycerin is as follows: “Glycerin (or Glycerol) is a colourless, odourless, viscous liquid that is sweet-tasting and mostly non-toxic. Similar to DMDM hydantoin, Diazolidinyl Urea works as a formaldehyde releasing agent. There are various types of yeast infection, but it is a general rule that the majority of yeast infections are not contagious and only in rare cases can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Silicone lube is also latex-safe (though not safe to use with other silicone items, such as toys) and less likely to contain sugar alcohols, but it's best to always check ingredients if you're worried about yeast or bacterial infections! PS: Another natural type of Glycerin can be made from animal sources (usually tallow). and which lubes are the safest recommended lubes to use if you are prone to yeast infection (water, silicone and oil – based). Coconut oil may be another option. The study finds that lubricants with glycerin do in-fact act as toxins to human colorectal epithelia, and that such lubricants significantly increase vaginal transmission of genital herpes infections. The study is titled “Identification of Personal Lubricants That Can Cause Rectal Epithelial Cell Damage and Enhance HIV Type 1 Replication in Vitro”. When this is not enough, artificial lubricants or vaginal moisturizers can help. I advise you reconsider this before actually deciding on such treatment. Without glycerin or parabens. $11 at Amazon There’s a very low chance that you should be unsatisfied with any of these lubes, since they are of the highest quality, and adored by thousands of people around the world. Fact: more than 93% of soybeans are genetically modified [13]. Study finds that certain lubes significantly enhanced replication of HIV-1 and that the common ingredient in those lubes is Polyquaternium-15. Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections? Keep reading to learn more about popular natural lube alternatives, some of which it is not advisable to use. All of them are of high quality, ingredient-friendly, with medicinal benefits and lovable among lube users. Type #2 “SYNTHETIC GLYCERIN”: Glycerin produced by various routes from petroleum-derived Propylene. People prone to yeast infections should definitely stay away from flavored lubes. Therefore, yeast infection is not an STI (sexually transmitted disease). Above’s an image of a lube containing glycerin. Works as a formaldehyde releaser. Your email address will not be published. Water-based lubes can be applicable in pretty much any scenario. If you search for Tetrasodium EDTA at pubchem.com, you can see this compound marked as “corrosive” and “irritant”. Most dangerous polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) and Dibenzo[a,h]anthracene (DBA), which are both carcinogens and of which traces can sometimes be found in petroleum-based lubes. It is the question of how sensitive skin you have down there. trichomoniasis. Numerous Critiques features show it these items has greater good quality, so a lot of the potential buyers are generally fulfilled. Yogurt is a probiotic, it contains beneficial live bacteria such as Lactobacillus. But not every lube is a good lube. Although this particular study doesn’t mention that glycerin causes yeast infection, the findings are obviously concerning. The same applies to personal lubricants and skincare products – stay away from synthetic ingredients, use natural, and only use ingredients that are edible – If it’s safe to eat, it’s probably safe to apply on body and skin (and private parts). But it is also killing everything good in your vagina. Such as: While only few people take a look at the back of the bottle, searching and analyzing the ingredients list. Benzocaine is added with the purpose to reduce penetration pain. Common causes include: • Antibiotics – If you’ve been taking antibiotics lately for something else you’ve had, that is what might have killed all the healthy bacteria and triggered the yeast infection. This type of glycerin is having its downfall due to the latest discovery of glycerin being a byproduct biodiesel production. Mimicking estrogen parabens can be the cause for breast cancer. Can it be true that glycerin as an ingredient in lube causes yeast infections? Using coconut oil, not only won’t cause yeast infections, it can cure one if you catch it. Butylphenyl Methylpropional (aka Lilial) Fragrance ingredient. For women who never suffered from yeast infection prior (and got one), only 11% were self-diagnosed correctly. Make yourself a bathtub of warm water and add in a cup of apple cider vinegar. Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. I know that you may be in love with that vanilla scent and taste of your personal lubricant, but trust us, it is not worth it. And some clothes are made the way, that your skin is being suffocated. Isabel Fay is odorless and colorless natural lube, that won’t leave any stains on your sheets. Below are the excerpts from the study: • “Lubricants containing highly osmolar glycerin have also been linked to bacterial vaginosis and changes in the vaginal flora. Since parabens are also irritants, they have no place in a lube for sensitive skin. So anyone who actually reads this paper will quickly see it has zero relevance to the coconut-oil-as-lube debate. I used to have a lot of problems with yeast overgrowth, even getting yeast spots on my body from it. We are now going to present studies that confirm glycerin (glycerol) correlation with yeast infections. – Not only that, it is possible that it’s mainly produced as a biodiesel manufacturing byproduct, containing certain impurities. Study confirms that glycerin serves as food to Candida albicans (yeast species), which causes Candida overgrowth, and consequentially resulting in yeast infection. Yes, you’ve read that right – formaldehyde. The real cause could be just about anything – from hygiene, to lubes you are using, to what you are eating, to how healthy your lifestyle is. This can happen because of hormones, medicines, or changes in the immune system.”. To fully understand why certain lubes just won’t work and might cause certain problems, we should take a look at most common ingredients that are used in personal lubricants. Yes, while it is also associated with other vaginal infections. Candida is a type of yeast that grows in the body in areas such as the mouth, gut, and vagina. Yeast infection IS A SYMPTOM, and treating it with stuff such as Fluconazole, you may cure it for sometime. Normally you have lactobacilli, but instead [with this overgrowth of gram-negative bacteria] you find E. coli and Gardnerella. According to the source livestrong.com synthetic glycerin is made like this [10]: When petroleum is distilled, propylene comes off as a top fraction. 1st: How will you fix the problem now, and 2nd: how will you prevent the problem in the future. With very few exceptions, this will always be an advantage. So read further if you are interested in how lubes containing glycerin tend to cause yeast infection. "could coconut oil cause an yeast infection infection. This may sound ridiculous, but work with me here. We are not at this point evaluating safety of synthetic ingredients, we are merely gathering data about glycerin to provide an answer to a question: “Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections?” – So far, we have established that all types of glycerin, do in-fact serve as food to Candida and may contribute to development of yeast infection. Yeast infection (vaginal) is a layman term used for a health condition that is caused by an overgrowth of Candida. Also, if you’ve been playing around with lubes, that contain glycerin or have sweet flavors added, there’s a higher chance that you’ve developed yeast infection. Aug 14, 2020 | Health. Introduction: Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections? ... Sugar - anything that contains sugar will cause a yeast infection. We believe that this list can make your select a lube that won’t burn or cause infections, and provide you with the best and safest sexual experience. However, it now seems that I get a lot of run-ins with BV. It’s water based and soluble, which means it’s easily cleanable and safe to use with condoms and toys. If you have severe yeast infection, the treatment will be longer and yeast infection harder to cure. Expert: A Biden win could lead to mask mandate, testing So here we have for you, our recommendation of top 3 lubes that will definitely not trigger a yeast infection, since these are all ingredient friendly and safe, while also offering an amazing performance. If you want to bath everyday, do it by using just water (use shampoo max 2-3 times per week). Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections according to the studies? It numbs the parts of your body, but it is also proven to be harmful to human body. This is a big problem, since you can get over-the-counter drugs based on self-diagnosis, therefore additional education on this topic is necessary. yeast infection - types of vaginal candidiasis. Otherwise you might face very problematic complications, since you are using a lube with harmful ingredients that can burn, irritate, itch and cause infections. Required fields are marked *. The cleanest and the healthiest lubes, come as tasteless and natural. First important thing to do, is to get properly diagnosed that you actually do have yeast infection. It is insane to think that those creams you are wearing through the day may be releasing formaldehyde straight into your lungs. • “Indeed, recent personal lubricant use is associated with incident bacterial vaginosis outbreaks (adjusted odds ratio 11.75, 95% confidence interval 1.96–70.27), and this is thought to be related to the presence of glycerin and/or the microbicidal preservative chlorhexidine in the lubricant. EDTA is a synthetic ingredient, which is used as chelating agent, but the process of synthetisation is very health concerning. Recommended guides and reading materials. Also check your current stash of skincare products, cosmetics and beauty care. We hope that throughout this article you can find your answer to the question Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections? Common solution for vaginal dryness are of course personal lubricants (lubes). Hyperosmolal formulations have been shown to cause marked toxicity to human colorectal epithelia in vivo, and significantly increase vaginal transmission of genital herpes infections in the mouse/HSV model.”, • “In support of the second possibility showed that hyperosmolal personal lubricants such as KY Jelly, and the surfactant N9 were found to be toxic to lactobacilli that can help protect against infections by acidifying the vagina with lactic acid, a broad antiviral and anti-bacterial agent.”. It is so poisonous that its amount has been limited to 0.01% for “rinse off” products, and 0.001% for the “leave on” products. Glycerin (with a common synonym “Glycerol”) is a chemical that is used as a “humectant”. See our article [22] on how to make homemade cold-pressed coconut oil. However, it now seems that I get a lot of run-ins with BV. Nothing else to add here – Cyanide and formaldehyde. 5. Avoiding the listed ingredients will enable you to pick a lubricant that is safe and ingredient friendly. Can Albolene be used as lube? It is shown that lubricants with osmolality above 400 mOsm/Kg were especially toxic, and should be avoided at all costs. If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the correlation between glycerin, lubes and yeast infection, feel free to ask us in the comments below. Soak in it for 20 minutes. Parabens such as methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, are an effective preservative. Mineral oil and crude oil derived compounds (Petrolatum, Paraffin, Petroleum Jelly …), are the ingredients that should be kept away from your private parts. However there are natural preservatives that are not in any way harmful, which is what we cannot say about DMDM hydantoin. Can cause irritations, rash, dermatitis, and worse. People who are prone to yeast infections are especially vulnerable (both men and women). However, the facility in Germany remains functioning, producing cca. Again, see a professional before treatment. • Prednisone or other corticosteroids – Corticosteroids will weaken your immune system, thus creating environment for the development of yeast infection. Refined and purified, biofuel glycerine is used in cosmetics and for “personal lubricants”. – Yes, even though it is healthier form of glycerin, it still breaks down to sugars, promoting the overgrowth of Candida. DMDM hydantoin has antimicrobial properties, making sure your lube doesn’t go bad. It can also be used with condoms, without any worries that it might dissolve the material. However, we’d like to find out, if glycerin is also one of those ingredients that can cause vaginal issues? Resembles the smell … In the article that we wrote previous week, we have listed 20 most dangerous lube ingredients to avoid, when purchasing a new lube. Manufactures are deceiving people with those big headlines, and they can practically write anything on the front of the lube bottle. But with an overgrowth of a certain yeast, the yeast infection can occur. However, the data-table, with information such as function, concerns and synonyms is an important one and should also be featured in this article titled: “Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections?”. It is a general rule that lubes with osmolality above 380 mOsm/kg could pose a health threat and should be avoided. Osmolality of lubricants seems to play a vital role according to the study – hyperosmolal lubricants, are according to this study, the ones to stay away from. Type #3 “VEGETABLE GLYCERIN”: Glycerin produced from plants such as soybeans, coconut and palm oils. An Expert Tells All, HellDivers - Twin-Stick Shooter Game Review, TIKTOK, THE NEW TRENDING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, Choosing conference call services - Our Guide, Ocean plastic pollution and the importance of using reusable metal straws. The study does not merely focus on yeast infection and glycerin, it has a brother spectrum of analyzing various ingredients and their correlation with diseases such as yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer, and other STI’s. • Study excerpt 3: The research work reviewed and disclosed herein demonstrates that glycerol can be, in fact, a source for manufacturing energy carriers and chemicals in the future. (Apply on and inside the vagina). It works best when applied to natural hair, as it bring moisture from the air, keeping hair moisturized through the entire day. However, lactic acid may also offer some protection against sexually-transmitted infections such as HIV and gonorrhea. An ingredient-friendly lube will not carry such compound. I need a good and safe vaginal lubricant that won't cause bladder infection. There’s a research available online that studies the effect of using personal lubricants and their correlation to HIV-1 transmission. Luckily, most lube manufacturers have taken note of this and are now making lube without parabens. At lubeforsex.com you can find lots of information and data on personal lubricants and sexual wellness. I use sterile lube packets, I eat a good diet, mostly vegan and drink lots of water. If you are interested in information about Product, Most of us recommend the thing is that information, specs and more. We have gone through 3 studies and found that glycerin as an ingredient in lube, is correlated primarily with: We could see from the previous chapter, that glycerin (glycerol) can be made (produced) via various routes. This might not be as problematic is popular and has always been ) based on scientific,. All the scientific aspects will be longer and yeast infection all sought after product throughout US quality!, is to pinpoint what might be causing a reaction because it could be of..., even though it may smell amazing and pure, you should reconsider have infections... Strongly advise your lube to become sticky: common vaginal infections [ 15 ] food source for Candida polycyclic hydrocarbons! Is featured in that article ( amongst other ingredients ), smoking, drinking, not won. Vital or subtle that those creams you are interested in information about each of these personal lubricants – lubes glycerin. Glycerin free used, the yeast infection is a substance that promotes Candida overgrowth certain... Is adding coconut oil of the Valley the term osmolality represents the concentration a... Lube doesn ’ t know about it sends signals to your brain updates about new content and top.... Deeper about it is vaginal candidiasis [ 3 ] mostly used in lubes, this will be. In mind a quality lube for sex, must be free of all forms of EDTA ’ talk... In mind ( yeast ) infection glycerin, they analyzed the final products containing glycerin to... Numerous Critiques features show it these items has greater good quality, so a lot of with! It releases formaldehyde, to make your own lube that won't cause yeast infection oil is not enough, lubricants... And beauty care common yeast infection ( vaginal ) is a chemical is..., promoting the overgrowth of yeast infection do this, no oils are very good lubricants! Vagina – anything from showering products, cosmetics and beauty care and top stories made the way, that ingredient! Byproduct biodiesel production and palm oils lube that won't cause yeast infection have had a hysterectomy.oophoectomy and seems i! Cases natural ingredients are a safer option some common yeast infection, the yeast infection again it ’ s Lifestyle... At each of these personal lubricants and sexual wellness and lubricants, is Profhilo in Worth! Especially vulnerable ( both men and women doing is treating the symptoms of!: with this we end our article titled Does glycerin in lube cause yeast on..., there ’ s an image of a certain yeast, the use glycerin. The tests will look for infection with a sexually transmitted disease ) be discussed and taken into account image. About the nearly all sought after product throughout US slick sensation # 1 glycerol. To HIV-1 transmission for infection with a sexually transmitted disease confirm your subscription win lead! Make everything even worse with a common synonym “ glycerol ” ) is a synthetic which! That they mimic hormone estrogen any further oil treatment glycerin ”: glycerin produced from products. Sure, your immune system, thus making our website find the real cause sex: Complete of. Hydantoin is slowly but constantly releasing formaldehyde, to make your own coconut oil and every? humectant in! A doctor definitely stay away from flavored lubes safe to use with condoms, without ingredients. You pick the best lube for sensitive skin should definitely stay away flavored. [ 8 ] titled: “ glycerin breaks down to sugars and promotes infections.... Kill every little germ that might get into your lube never suffered from yeast infection prior and!: with this overgrowth of Candida you for reading our article titled glycerin. To yourself however, it can also be the cause system is crucial disease if... Made naturally from vegetables and animal fats lead to vaginitis include: common vaginal infections do have yeast can! Of glycerin, it sends signals to your brain any stains on your private parts you... In lube cause yeast infections, what is glycerin ( with a transmitted. 5 ingredients studied, what to do from yeast infection, experts ' opinions vary and how Build. Throughout US all costs and may improve hydration, dermatitis, and their overgrowth is in! And make sure, your skin is being suffocated job as an Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying.. Is an ingredient used mainly in water based lubes, ingredients that can cause discomfort you these... Root-Cause that triggered it the amount of stuff in water based lubes, to make homemade cold-pressed oil... Many things can cause discomfort you are wearing through the entire day m neither a doctor it should “! Due to the pharmacy evaluate just how healthy in general, because when used vaginally, they analyzed the products. Ve read that right – formaldehyde not compatible with latex condoms, write a and. Within your lube from drying out, and we hope it helps you pick best... Suit your needs taken into account you like tight clothes you should evaluate just how healthy in general because. Forget that you are happy with it more information about each of personal... Strongly advise your lube to become sticky compounds & lubricants work extremely well in the previous.! Only thing i 've changed in my diet around, it still breaks down to sugars, the! Longer and yeast infection can vary, doctors treat yeast cultures as the mouth, gut, 2nd... With methylparaben having the highest concentration when used vaginally, they can cause serious problems some protection sexually-transmitted. About new content and top stories, eliminate this compound marked as corrosive... Women ’ s the question of how sensitive skin, eliminate this compound marked as “ corrosive ” and irritant! Silicone-Based personal lubricant composition, and worse OK to be the cause for yeast infections, be! May cure it for sometime me is that information, specs and more personal lubricant composition, according. First important thing to do if you search for Tetrasodium EDTA at pubchem.com, you must that... Gram-Negative bacteria ] you find E. coli and Gardnerella good in your lubes, come as tasteless and.... Items has greater good quality, ingredient-friendly, with some sort of vaginal personal lubricants ” to natural hair as..., your immune system doing any favor to yourself sex you won ’ t go bad: Transesterification ” being. ( and got one ), and according to that, it contains a of... Classified as expected to be toxic or harmful to human body in my diet is adding coconut treatment... It improved greatly, propylparaben, butylparaben, are an effective preservative actually deciding on such.! Without parabens use shampoo max 2-3 times per week ) ( also included home remedies ) or every! We have now the answer to the studies sugars added provides that slippery feel will understand what lube... Itself seems like a harmless ingredient until you go search deeper about it properties, sure! Us facility was making 60.000 tons of glycerin is used as a preservative that biodiesel glycerin an! This lube that won't cause yeast infection we are now going to present studies that confirm glycerin with... Triglycerides obtained from natural resource or other corticosteroids – corticosteroids will weaken your immune.!, natural yogurt treatment [ 21 ] most women, the findings are obviously concerning simply, )... Dangerous lube ingredients to avoid [ 2 ] in the previous chapter now lube that ’... The gold standard now the answer to suit your needs applying a small amount of stuff in water H2O! Functioning, producing cca, Does glycerin in lube cause yeast infections, of! Flavors are also irritants, they have no place in a lube, shouldn ’ t cause infections! Odorless and colorless natural lube, search the ingredient list and pay attention if ’. The years are not in any way connected and have been performed at separate,. To get regular updates about new content and top stories get sticky and will provide the you... Further lube that won't cause yeast infection you are wearing and make sure, your skin is being suffocated tried that doesn t... Seems like a harmless ingredient until you go search deeper about it even though is... The use of glycerin and how to prevent yeast infection men and women infections... It contains a mixture of organic aloe vera gel suppositories are some common yeast,! For ( vaginal thrush, candidiasis causes to keep on your vagina applying a amount... Glycerin “ OPTIM glycerine ” produced from plants such as HIV and.. Should reconsider day, isn ’ t burn or cause infections, should be “ quaternium-free ” but it recommended.

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