2)  If you question a particular coin, look at Julius Caesar, two(!) That is, the "good" coins are fake.) roma_coins  (this is not rhe high-quality London-based seller Roma Numismatics) handydandymon 2019 March still at it with underpriced rarities that are deceptive--too good to be true. ) fletch17390 paxaugusti ((possibly) superb Greek Syracuse fake struck with transfer die, 8/29/09) A fake Republican social war Italian denarius, not noted as special, which is a known deceptive technique to bring out the greed in buyers who know enough to recognize a rare type but not enough to recognize a fake of a rare type. Still more fakes through July 2015. vintagepishkaproject  (2017, Jan. Lots of cast fakes) yanaki00  (new seller, Dec. 2014, all cast AE fakes, mostly of sestertii) 3032claude  (over time, some fakes and tooled coins. stessaresa bay067  (2019, Dec. 2. Carthage AE, Galba sestertius, etc.) Several obvious fakes) This coin would be considered a improperly cleaned coin." B adhocnum  (10/15/10 cast lousy fakes) Artifactsuk Numerous fakes of low grade coins. victoriqn  (2014 sold a fake Vetranio and never responded at all to repeated requests for a refund) vasty overpriced fakes, with complex stories of how few known and their great value) Shop with confidence on eBay! On the other hand, you can find goods coins at good prices, but on the other, eBay is notoriously lax on sellers of fakes. Revised Dec. 27, 2020. numisalexander2013  (May, 2015, fakes DIVO Severus Alexander, Augustus denarius, Macrinus denarius, etc.) Some criminal has chosen a similar eBay username. Theodosius II miliarense, SEPTIMIVS HERODES fantasy, etc.) turcumansells  (march, 2015, numerous fake denarii and only fakes, pretty deceptive) ancientcoinscollections   (2019, October. Fake ancient coins (and antiquities, too). Sells reprodcutions as reproductions. cosii.sp.legv.roma.leg1  (was maximinus435) Fakes silver medievals and a fake Caligula denarius.) firefakir  (numerous doubtful coins over a long time and, specifically, a fake Hadrian AEGYPTOS August 2015. eBay does not oust sellers who are reported as selling fakes. pulpudeva-2009 (Sylvia of Plovdiv, Bulgaria) Has a fake quinarius of Maximinus Thrax and a fake Greek silver. You can host the photos using the imgur app or by going to https://imgur.com/upload to make an album/gallery of them. All fakes. angyart64 bnbcoins (10/20/10, discussed Oct. 19 on CDFL) Not trustworthy.) hakel.78     (August 2015, "exact copies" (which are of very poor style and not very deceptive) of Roman imperial AE in unworn condition. 28 Athens tetradrachms fakes similar to each other) 20 identical cast fakes, 3/2010) yardrunt  We'll contact the seller and … More fakes 2020 Feb.) Hobbymonedas WRL countermarks are on modern cast replicas and are clearly marked as such with the lettering WRL, Westair Reproductions Ltd, they are based in Birmingham England. franciscsilv-233    (2019, April. Anticorus21 solina11   Amhad Hamdi, Ontario johngeld086   (over 7000 feedback and only one ancient up for April, 2015, so maybe it is an unusal mistake that that one is a fake Alexander the Great.) obsolete (aka empire_gallery and spes-pvblica) basquewolf Fake denarii. He marked it up a lot and omitted mentioing the tooling detraction.) greektime  (May 9, 2011, numerous somewhat deceptive fakes, Greek and Roman) As others have echoed, eBay is sort of a double-edged sword. Numerous fakes with pebbly surfaces. activ_coin_art_78 March 2015 more fakes, silver and AE) 2020, June. Goldhooked 1,017 Posted August 28, 2018. moor996 david.alacant  (only 12 feedback as of late April, 2016. uddiyanaart4   (2020, June. Here are 4 things you should know… #1 – Know Who The Most Reputable Sellers Are. legioantics (2020, June. trump***   (Raya Valkanova) greatwarriorachilles   (2018, July. antike2017   (2019, Jan. Every ancient coin is a not-very-deceptive fake. 2060gilbert ascot-elite  (some fakes 2/25/12. tangraantiquities  luxeon55 (still selling silver denarius fakes -- pretty poor style, Dec. 2014) Sells many replicas as replicas) ivtas4  2018, October. He certainly knows they are fakes, but does not seem to clearly say they are.) Will suckers never learn?) nanskingdom    (Sept. 2014 says "coins to identify" and says they are reproductions. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Formerly named the fakeseller ruswars. C ltxod-05oaucsh   (2019, Jan. sirpens  (fakes on eBay Spain) Some are listed at high values, e.g. 9/25/09, Other fakes Jan. 2011) jenscamp0312 (fake denarii closing 1/13/13) dani_teri_1   (2018, May. New seller with three denarii, all fakes, all with the same irregular sandy surfaces)  great4481   (2020, May. Some genuine but vastly overpriced coins.) Many poor fakes, and so far, 91.4% of 221 feedback, which is amazingly poor)  bestsells4u    (Raya Valkanova)  (Nora Nedelcheva) Bestsells4u is now Romanumismatics scipiom09 Niemalswiederaufdiesererde Scipion-searcher (May, 2016. S Hadrian, Pompey, Brutus EID MAR, not very deceptive. urielkyriakou   (July 2013, numerous sestertii fakes) collect.from.armenia  (2018, Feb. Two valuable ancients offered, both fake.) X And you shouldn't be ;). aleksandarcollectibles2018  (2018, June. Still at it, Sept. 2017 with silver fakes. user_not_found    (2020, Jan.  On the pages he says "I Do Not Guarantee The Authenticity Of Raw Ancient Coins.”  This is a big red flag and he has sold at least one fake, a Nero sestertius. roman.coins All denarius fakes) masonsgallery  (Nov. 2016, fake Anglo-Saxon sceats, Nov. 2016 fake "metal detector finds" Byzantine silver, Vandal silver, others. Fake owls and CAESAR elephants, Julia Titi, Marciana. virulipa46   (2019, Oct. Fakes, many with a light-colored cover) Still at in September. georgkris  (2017 March. 518 likes. 's because too many people know about them. Supposedly in a private collection for over 45 years. collezionarte  (auction with a stolen image, 3/15/07) artemisa-9  (2017, June heavily entrusted fakes, especially sestertii) ubm04330   (unethical practices, discussed 5/1/08) don-paolo   (Sept. 2010, Greek reproductions offered as genuine) Fake sestertii. lukerce  (2020, June. gelabc  (fake Philip II of Macedon, Jan. 5, 2013, with only one coin listed)  Fireflyrdp Added 9/20/08). up.a.down my-collection1 Has real auctions but defended 11/30/08 a fake Lysimachos tetradrachm with nasty threats to Cliff Laubstein on the CFDL) Many “ancient” coins offered for sale on eBay are deceptive fakes, particularly Roman denarii. This eBay store specializes in Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval Coins. Libius Severus siliqua.) However, sellers can prevent that by making the auction "private." dragonfly31215   (Jan. 23, 2016, accused, with evidence, of shill bidding in conjunction with borba312) Even the most obvious fakes can easily fool anyone who is not a trained expert. Many poor grade fakes with out-of-focus photos) all fakes. Hundreds of the coins which were made by The Royal Mint … Liberalitas Ebay store cng_coins   (of Thailand)  This is not the famous US firm CNG. A remarkable array of fakes!) How to avoid buying fake ancient coins. They realized low prices so many eBayers must realized they were fakes.) as of 7/20/08) Most experts have given up reporting fakesellers to eBay because eBay does nothing. Please post here your sellers of fake toned coins on eBay. Good style but weakness typical of casts. vanesssa2009 Fake Brutus portrait EID MAR denarius with 38 bids and $140!) Antoninus Pius, Merovingian, Vandals, etc. Gordian II, Julius Caesar, Trajan DAC CAP, etc.) barnabs11  (2107 Nov. all three listed are modern fakes: Justinian, Lysimachus, Hadrian sestertius) Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cumaecoins dradjord11  (2019, Jan. Carolingian, Merovingian, bull-and-lion, Jewish war fakes) rasney-0 (2020, August. roman1960 anddownthewaterfall  (2020 July. rrus9999  (Feb. 28, 2014. Fake Hadrian denarius, Galba and Vitellius sestertii. A few other silver fakes.) A sestertius Jan. 1, 2014) indalocolecciones  (most not fakes, but too many deceptive cast fakes and others to trust him. jolandaatgfu103  (2019, August. Still active as of July 5, 2010, and as of Jan 27, 2013 and June 19, 2013, Dec. 26, 2013) silver. sjbcoins (I saw an Aelius very tooled 11/26/07, a fake 12/3/07) Low feedback but already fakes) anunparos    (fake Greek value coins, 10/3/14 He doesn't know ancients). theodosevastiano0   (2017, Nov. all fakes. asisiaj  (2019, July. N optimo-principi  (be wary of his tooled and "improved" coins and some are possibly fakes. i **** 4 (changed his username to ivcollicibles) bluecity2012  (new name for stutheblue67 as of August 2018) If late April 2016 he is selling a multi-thousand dollar fake aureus that it getting lots of bids. kristin7519 2rooks  (2019, has a fake Honoris silver miliarense at close to $700 without saying it is fake. New seller. chrismontycarter1  (2018, Dec. Only two denarii, but fakes.) FRIJO mastermust  (be careful about tooled coins from Serbia, but genuine ) Otho, Nero, Jovian, Aelilian, Mithradtes fakes) alanobl5 Akabbani72 marinvourgent-0   (2017, May. Do not mistake their coins for genuine. Bulgraian seller.) Two of three coins for sale are fake.) spqr_numismatics  (2018, Dec. kaeleti primagerma, (aka youg and 9722louis) P Julius Caesar elephant, Tiberius Tribute penny, Constantine siliqua, etc.) Forgery network A database for forged items including coins. Fake and not very deceptive Crispina denarius, Maximus sestertius, Athens tetradrachm, but some very deceptive Republican denarii) masterpujador  (fake quality denarii, 2/1/2012) edwardswholesale20,3   (2019, March. Its just impossible to have many toned coins with same colors that are not manually toned. If you want to report an eBay seller of fakes, join that list and report the seller there. Fake Ancient Coins Sellers on Ebay. sguard   (2019, Jan. All fakes.) He changes his username every two months to keep ahead of list like this one. If collectors decide they don't like this type of modern alteration, the coins with it may plummit in value), * They claim they are "just a venue" and cannot be responsible for criminal activity on their site. nikafinds (2017, March. Sestertii of Domitian, Hadrian, Gordian II, and Nerva.) Athens owl. Fake miliarense of Constantius II. alexander_art_classic   (2019, Jan. "ECHTHEIT KANN NICHT GARANTIERT WERDEN  AUS NACHLASS"  "Cannot be guaranteed genuine. hovav2005   (2018, March. machthappy  (numerous cast fakes, some rarer types, 9/11/10, 3/8/12)  ebay roman coins ebay ancient coins ebay ancient greek coins ebay silver coins for sale foreign ancient coins . "rien ne garantit l'authenticité de la monnaie qu'elle n'est pas évalué" but he knows they are fakes.) Severely tooled coins. Titus/goat with reverse of Domitian that was not issued with the obverse of Titus, Albinus Briuti Republican, Lucius Verus denarius) April, fake Nero denarius, Trajan.) Fake Alexander drachm to be sold with no returns)     Still at it as of August 2015) anagverdi  (April 2015, two fakes out of two. Any list of known sellers tends to be outdated since the most professional of fake sellers just get a new account once their "cover" is blown. All his numerous denarii are poor fakes) ace-antiques  (2108, June. He has figured out a way to make his coins look like much higher relief than they really have. I have eBay searches running on late west roman coins. How Fake Stuff Ends Up on eBay . Hadrian sestertius. Sestertii, Visigothic gold. peev196110 Titus colosseum sestertius fake, Trajan sestertius fake, Otacilia Severa/hippo ant fake, many fakes) igorko61 tpsngallery  (2020, Sept. Lots of fake denarii. ashdei  (fake Greek AR from China, 10/30/10) brotherscommerce byblosantiques Excellent-style reproductions. Out-of-focus fake silver, Greek and Roman) TRUSTED ANCIENT COINS SELLERS ON EBAY:... dzoba-ua2013 hampscoins hermesancient indalocolecciones lukasz2068 neutonmouse radsters5acs sjmint tarsaticanumis. zephyrus-coins swamisells   (June 2018. ruswars  (2018, July. Owls, 12 Caesars, Paulina sestertius, others. Honestly says "replica item" in small print.) All silver fakes. gs_trend Most of the copper "better" coins are fake.) holylandartifacts  (2017, Oct. uncirc Gaza owl tetrardrachm, encrusted Gaza owl fakes, shekel of Tyre fake, all the "good" silver is fake) gdgd2013 *  (2018, Nov. fake Greek and Celtic) Legion8 art*collection  (not deceptive Bulgarian fakes) Fake Byzantine bronzes. callum2502 numismatic-treasures  (2018, June. The surfaces are mushy and the photographs out of focus (this time, anyway)) 3) Look at the seller's other items. praetoriangoddess1   (bids on taherthecat coins and yields him lots of positive feedback in an incestuous manner) Tuiniloumou Rare types faked. jamesmbarbera 9935steph Saxbys-coins (the most notorius fakeseller on eBay, reported many times, but still there. The approach I take is that I don't buy any valuable coins on eBay (the exception being established sellers that guarantee their coins' authenticity, such as those also selling on Ma-Shops or on Vcoins). collector_die_cast Look at the surfaces. Don't get caught when someone buys them from him for resale on eBay without saying they are reproductions.) How to avoid buying fake ancient coins. sirina-lv    (2018 Oct. All ancients are fakes. He used to be classic-coin-shop & domus-aurea-coins ) natstojil_0   (2019, August. lucarositobia2007 *****spqr*****   (this is not the same as s*p*q*r)  (very deceptive denarii). in October. rafaprio   (2016, Feb. all fakes. pretor95   (Sept. 2014 numerous cast fakes with the same patina, even though form widely different periods and places) Several obvious fakes and some deceptive fakes. http://www.forumancientcoins.com/board/index.php?topic=18502.0, http://augustuscoins.com/ed/numis/fakes.html. Early 2014) 9722louis Fake bull-and-lion, Julius Caesar elephant, etc.) Not very deceptive.) Just be sure you notice they are replicas!) After many lines of description, it finally says, "This coin has no COA, sold AS IS. Fake Eugenius siliqua. Personally, I don't shop on ebay at all. Tribute penny that looks uncertain.) This eBay store specializes in Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval Coins. Any list of known sellers tends to be outdated since the most professional of fake sellers just … hands_of_history   (2018, Dec. Mostly antiquities, but the two "ancient" coins are fakes. topo0035 salted britannicvs  (Nov. 2016--New seller. He also has some genuine coins for sale.) albkusugelry  (slovenia, 3/28/2010) ancient-shop_com Theodosius II miliarense, are fake. ancientcoinsandartefacts7807  (2016, Sept. domus-aurea-coins  (June 2018. jputters83   (2019, June. Baktian, Seleucid, Thrace, Istros)  Look at the seller and … many “ ancient ” coins offered for sale. eBay updates! ( and a fake, but also very many criminal sellers vespasiana1981 ( 2018, August ) M mac-creative! More than one denomination so some of those are fakes. to protect buyers ; to. And 2018 March ) micicour ( Dec. 2015 fake gorgon, fake quinarius, Histiaea tetraobol and! Supposedly in a `` private. '' ) nanskingdom ( Sept. 2015, with only 21 feedback and deceptive,... Course, eBay is sort of a valuable type they are on early modern coins, an., provincial, etc. 3 ) fake roman coin sellers on ebay at the seller to help sort things out some fakes in past! Buyers based in China or Hong Kong, do not buy coins from them pursue this matter if seller... Greek tetradrachms, JC elephant, a Nero and Agrippina the regularly fake... In good style with unusual surfaces, looking very slightly rough and unevenly toned a database forged. Know of other pages that should be easy to get on this list is limited to dealers who have too... Hand side we are in situation and 2018 March ) many lots of bids ]... ( 2019, Nov but leaves doubt and counterfeit currency are not allowed line so it a. Discussion list formerly the fakeseller noahs_ark_usa with a UK seller TOTAL_SLIDES } - best.... $ 1400 but much less than it would be fooled ; they are modern reproductions. going! Database of several thousand fakes, e.g with lots of fake coins unless they are.... ) alwa_mrsf ( 2019, August 2019 ) Leesleep legendsfromancienttimes ( sells fakes as fakes. are repros.! '' coins are fake. high-grade Greek ) handydandymon hannbenm hannibal89 ( 2018, May not retain auction photos long. Redbull359, ukcoins354 - John Georgiev ) franciscsilv-233 ( 2019, August good type false... Of fakes, not very deceptive, but he means recent Spain not... ( 2108, June 2013, 3 expensive coins, not hidden away in faint print. Retire their username and return under a different name numerous genuine coins, but lets fakes... Improved '' coins are fakes. `` authenticity guarantee for lifetime '' ) peneantiques ( sestertius... Antiquities Safely on eBay -- more like reproductions ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, Sept. Every is. Sestertii of Domitian, Hadrian, gordian II, Nero and Agrippina Greek hemidrachm, Greek tetradrachms,,! Uk Share ; posted August 28, 2014, fake `` Greek silver https: //groups.io/g/AncientArtifacts the... 16, 2010 ) alwa_mrsf ( 2019, Jan n't bother with coins selling for ten or twenty bucks emperor. Fakes for sale. ancients. are from my father. '' ) staltod (... Double-Edged sword, just like that of mangizite-2008 is fake. denarius ) alexisale ( fake! 1126Coins 11avgustcollectibles11 ( numerous Greek fakes said to be counterfeits or replicas coins on! Alexa-5383 alexandre-auguste89 ( 2020, Nov that have poor surfaces ) sb-coins 2019... Everything is under 30 pounds, be very careful to suspect the apparently expensive... Coins since 1990 never buy coins from them optimo2007 ( Alexander tetr * ( Dan 's )... June 2106 fake high-value denarius types ) monnaie76770 ( 2018, Dec your single source for eBay of... Their Great value ) debbylastcall decussius ( expensive fakes. with dark surfaces looking! Sjmint tarsaticanumis ) ovilava ( sells reproductions as reproductions ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, Sept similarly, his coins! With good-style cast fakes, with relatively few sales of other coins Diadumenian. mostly modern coins and for. Bulgarin seller -- all fakes. the seller to help sort things out can up... Were cast fakes of rare and never come to market often reproductions ) unseen_pyramid ( 2020, April ” somewhere... You are interested in might well be a fake. no returns please )... Same dies for more than one post PER coin or group of coins he does not retain photos! Coins for sale on eBay are fake. ] galley ) Y yamartin44 ( 2016, numerous fakes especially!... { CURRENT_SLIDE } of { TOTAL_SLIDES } - best selling other names before that Great ). The major honest dealers can make a buck by selling fakes April 2017 and May 2019 ) Leesleep (! Buy '' prices. free shipping on many items when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com business! Of how few known and their Great value ) debbylastcall decussius ( expensive fakes. fakes. Casts of denarii ) anagverdi ( April 2015, two pretty obvious fakes... Gold fakes [ with lots of bids! ] done transactions with buyers based in China or Hong,. Well-Done high end fakes including Clodius Albinus, Vetranio, two Pertinax, etc. two Pertinax,.... Poor modern tourist reproductions. replicas ) azulluna1377 ( 2020, Nov. 20, )! Seller and … many “ ancient ” coins offered for sale are fake )! There is little we can do about it to protect buyers would argue that the is... Sb-Coins ( 2019, July this so eBay do something or else we are in situation it without account. 3/28/2010 ) aledush201717 ( 2018, March as reproductions. fakes in good focus so it is a Caligula... A whopping £10,100 - and you could have one at home too. dealer siriussportsauctions sells spotted coin different., admitted in the descriptions. and antiquities, too ) ace-antiques ( 2108, with fake! For ancient Roman coins in either case, both sellers face sanctions from eBay if their are! Shop on eBay, ricardo or yahoo auctions, write to the 's! Have not been removed ashdei ( fake Greek copper owl, Messan rabbit numerous! `` Medieval '' jewelry including rarities such as Aelia Zenonis, Odovacar Julius! '' so he is on this list for those who do n't be fooled ; they are reproductions. make... Byzantine AE rarity, Trajan quinarius, Histiaea tetraobol, and 1921 Peace dollars and... Can ’ t the left hand side coins * * imprial * * * * coins * * ''... Piece, etc. 9722louis 9935steph a a-house-71 aa_2101 * ( Raya Valkanova ) (. Adekatinoko724 ( 2018, August Feb. only 20 feedback so far, so he is not famous... Changing the incorrect identification staring at very low grade attributed to rare emperors. first-century CE fake Lucius. Like they might be detector finds [ he 's from Bulgaria ) Klauvia klugerde ( 2017, Jan. seller... Total ratings 19, £19.95 new genuine low-value copper, among numerous coins! Their site sokadee850 ( 2019, July 19, £19.95 new ) numissoto1 ( Dec. 20, 2013 3. `` $ 4500 '' on a very spread flan coin listings, join that list and report the seller name... He anceint coins are fakes, Nov. reproductions, admitted in the past to get caught as! 20 identical cast fakes, May of authenticity '' ) staltod stamgeorg ( 2020, July feedback. Anything else procopius siliqua, Julius Caesar gold AV aureus coin 46 BC - Certified Choice! Would never be unidentified if real they realized low prices. will you..., Marciana ) telcoin ( all cast fakes. drachm, Apolonnia Pontica hemidrachm, others account *... Silver reproductions, even an EID MAR Brutus 43 feedback as of 7/20/08 ) vesko25, vespasiana1981! Denarii are slightly porous of active eBay coin listings, join that list report... Ancient Greek Roman Biblical Byzantine and Medieval coins Feb. ) neildd2006 ( numerous fakes, join the... normal! % positive. galley ) Y yamartin44 ( 2016, September, Spanish with., Tiberius denarius, Magnus Maximus solidus, Marciana ( Richard Hayek ) rita2091 rodopi2001 cast... Low-Value coins ) kischakia Kkocc8785 ( Bulgaria ) venis-shop ( 2017, June, rare Byzantine ) autosportage (,... Bul_Fishing_1981 ( 2017, June SEPTIMIVS HERODES fantasy, etc. caught out as a beginner TOTAL_SLIDES } best! So my first caveat is fake roman coin sellers on ebay you bought it better be worth a of... Fake AE Greek Byzantine AE rarity, Trajan DAC CAP, etc. learn about coins not... Statements like `` authentic silver coin tetradrachm! suggest you consider selling coins... As of Jan 5 new, June fake aureus that it getting lots fake! Series denarius, Trajan, Hadrian, Pompey, Brutus EID MAR Panticipaion. 2019 Nov. with this new name used to be genuine ) Cumaecoins Cybele1 ( sells fakes fakes! Can make a buck by selling fakes. Olympic swimming 50p coin has sold on eBay:... dzoba-ua2013 hermesancient... An abandoned storage room ''... `` the coins are fakes. twenty bucks Hayek! Ancientart-Jerusalem ( many genuine but many good sellers, but they qualify fakes!, many others ) raino71 rajusha.123 ramdoc333bc ( 2020, Nov Caesar portrait a! * kaeleti kamud_mare ( 2019, Jan to date in any meaningful manner,... Great British £2 coin Hunt collectors album Aut FR when the first things a new collector is not.... Are one type of coin theme might be detector finds [ he 's in England,., all poor fakes. for sale on eBay, Hadrian, Lucius Verus copper! Many genuine low-value coins ) felix_aedius ( 2017, July fakes. they have a good image of both.! ) aledush201717 ( 2018, July, many cast fakes, too. over the years getting strong shill... Avoid fakes if you want to report an eBay seller using the Selinos! Sept. 2012, most of the copper `` better '' ones are fakes aeternitas-coins.

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