Finishes ranging from black or white to clear, bronze or satin nickel are available to suit your space and taste. It also makes the light dustproof and waterproof, making it ideal for wet locations such as in the shower environment. Most of Dutton Brown Design’s light fixtures are UL Listed for dry locations. Whether caused by humidity or water throwing patrons, if water is getting inside the lamp and causing it to fail, you’ll need damp location rated products. Check the bottom of each listing description to confirm the fixture is UL listed properly for your space. Thomas Lighting 6 in. Construction wise, an aluminum structure makes the fixture very strong and durable. A location not normally subject to dampness but may include a location subject to temporary dampness provided ventilation is adequate to prevent an accumulation of moisture. The wet location rated 17566 shower trim features a durable constructed steel trim with a built-in socket bracket., How Much Light do I Need? It is wet rated, comes with a 2700k bulb, installs easily and is also air tight. If you are intent on placing a switch near your shower, make it a switch rated for outdoor use or use in damp locations. Damp location listed LED lights are frequently used indoors for laundry rooms, over showers and bathtubs, utility rooms, unfinished basements, and similar areas. The Light fixture that I would like to install will be a fixture designed for wet conditions and installed over the shower area and will only be used when taking a shower. What is the Best Lighting for the shower? The wet location rated 17509 shower trim features durable steel construction and a unique drop opal glass lens to distribute light evenly for maximum coverage. Thomas Lighting 6 in. 3-in. Make sure you check whether the light you are looking at is a damp location rated or a wet location rated fixture. When installing a light fixture, it is important to ensure that the fixture is properly rated for use in its intended location. June 25, 2020, How To Properly Install a Wall Sconce However, the semi-outdoor nature of the space means it is exposed to condensation and humidity. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should be marked “suitable for damp location” or suitable for wet locations”. Fixtures installed within this tub or shower area should be marked "Suitable for Damp Locations" unless exposed to shower spray in which case they must be marked "Suitable for Wet Locations." Moisture, in these cases, often occurs in, on, or near electrical equipment. It’s not as intense and dark as the marble from the earlier wet room design, but that’s in keeping with the lighting. This is my recommended we rated shower fixture. Handbook Commentary: A revision of 410.4(D) simply clarifies that securely fastened luminaires installed in or on the ceiling or wall are permitted to be located in the bathtub or shower area. [In 4 Easy Steps], Dry, Damp, and Wet Location Lighting: Definition and Explanation, Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Space, Wow with Custom and Unique Chandeliers in Your Space. That said, installing sconces as bathroom vanity lighting will not require a damp or wet location rating. SECTION E3905 TRACK LIGHTING E3905.4 Prohibited locations. Each fixture should be labeled to identify which location the fixture was designed to be installed in, so you really just need to identify your space. Indoor locations like showers are also considered wet locations. We carry non-dimmable wet location lights as well as standard, electronic, magnetic and LED/CFL dimmers. Put Your Best Face Forward: Makeup Lighting Do’s and Don’ts. If you are purchasing light bulbs for a damp location, make sure the lights note that they are either “suitable for damp locations” or “suitable for wet locations.” Use outdoor damp rated lights for porch lights that are out of the rain or wind, and also on decks with an overhang that does not allow water to seep through (otherwise you need wet rated). OBSESS 3-Inch IP54 Waterproof Shower Light 8W COB LED Downlight, Damp Location Use, Shower Lights Adjustable Gimbal Trim Ceiling Recessed Light, White, Aluminum, Dimmable, Neutral White 4000K 4.5 out of 5 stars 43 In fact, there are a number of options available for highly attractive recessed shower lights, from the more traditional inconspicuous and largely unremarkable versions to an elegant and individualized trim to complement the style of the rest of the bathroom.

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